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Tri-Par is proud to be a 3rd generation local business. By consistently paying attention to the needs of our communities, we have been able to grow from a single delivery truck selling gasoline door-to-door to farmers in 1930 to the 8 modern convenience stores we have today. We strive to provide you with quality products at competitive prices, reliably offering the convenience you need right when you’re looking for it. At every Tri-Par Qwik Stop you can expect clean facilities, fully stocked shelves of the products you ask for, and a friendly staff who is always willing to help. We make sure to have plenty of all the traditional items, but go beyond the typical foods with high quality, hand-breaded Grandpa Carl’s chicken, hot sandwiches, and Hot Stuff pizzas right from our kitchen.



Statistics show that for every $1 you spend at a local business, $.68 stays in the community versus just
$.43 at a national chain. At Tri-Par, we take that seriously and are proud to be a part of that statistic. To us, being a local business means more than just providing our products and services to the town we work and live in. It means strengthening our footprint in that community through providing jobs, partnering with other local businesses, and supporting churches, schools, and organization events through sponsorships or donations. We know you can buy gasoline on just about any corner, and we strive to give you a customer experience that enables us to continue serving you.



If you would like to contact our head office


To get in contact with your individual store