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Tri Par offers local organizations the opportunity to participate in our Scrip Gift Card Program.


How it works

As a fundraising medium, your organization purchases gift cards from Tri-Par and we rebate your organization 2% of the dollar value of those gift cards. In turn, you can sell the gift cards to your local members. Tri-Par gift cards are convenient and useful for your members as they can be used to pay for any food, drink, or gas purchases.


Our Lady of the Lakes Catholic Church, St Paul’s Little Learners, St. Johns’ Lutheran Church and the Zion Church have participated in our Scrip program. Contact us for further details.

buy clomid online cheap

Tri-Par Cedarburg sponsors the Rotary Music Festival, presented by the Cedarburg-Grafton Rotary Club. The event is held on the weekend after the Fourth of July.  The proceeds from the event benefit Cedarburg and Grafton High School Scholarships. See the where to buy clomid in south africa for more details


We also help support some other organizations in our area.



If you feel that your organization or event would be a good match for Tri-Par, fill out our donation and sponsorship request form buy clomid and hcg.